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Buffalo Wings

Spicy and tangy wings served with blue cheese dip.

Garlic Parmesan Wings

Deep-fried chicken wings coated with fresh garlic...

Onion Rings

Battered and fried onion rings served with dip.

Frazzled Sisig

Classic sizzling pork sisig with our own special ...

Salted Egg Wings

Chicken wings with salted egg and fried basil.

Sizzling Squid

Marinated squid with cured mangoes drizzled in vi...


Breaded cheese sticks with fresh tomato salsa on ...


Tanigue marinated in spiced vinegar

Cheese-Stuffed Chilli

Wrapped and deep-fried chilli with cheese

Grilled Cheese Stacks

Kesong puti and cheddar cheese sandwiched and gri...

Homemade Potato Chips

Thinly sliced fresh potatoes deep fried to a cris...

Truffle Fries

Deep-fried french fries tossed with herbs and dre...

Sizzling Gambas

Sauteed garlic, mushroom, and supple shrimp with ...

Baby Squid in Garlic and Olive Oil

Sauteed squid in garlic and olive oil.

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